Meet the Team


Luke Fyle

Luke is a senior Biology major. He joined the Legacy Unrivaled team in order to gain experience in the marketing industry and help spread the success story of John Gagliardi. His favorite outdoor activity is swimming.


Annie Avestruz

Annie is a senior, majoring in Global Business Leadership and Hispanic Studies.  She joined the Legacy Unrivaled team because she wanted to gain experience with marketing, while marketing something that she really cares about; John Gagliardi and the CSB|SJU community.  Annie’s favorite outdoor activity is laying out in the sun.

w. can - writing

William Canfield

Will joined the Legacy Unrivaled team after graduating with a degree in Global Business Leadership in Spring 2016. This opportunity offered him a chance to share the legacy of a former coach. Regardless of age or profession, Will feels everyone can learn something from John. He takes any chance he can get to get together with his college roommates, outside of an office.

 m. pos - writing

Megan Posusta

Megan is a senior, majoring in Economics and minoring in Accounting. Megan joined the Legacy Unrivaled team because she heard incredible things about John Gagliardi, his tactics, and his unique approach to leadership. Working as part of the team, she has been inspired and is excited to be a part of something much bigger than herself. Megan’s favorite outdoor activity is anything on the water at her cabin.

r. pool - video

Rylee Pool

Rylee is a recently graduated biology major from CSB|SJU. She joined the Legacy Unrivaled team because John’s class was her favorite class of her college career and thought that this would be a great way to repay him for all she learned. Rylee’s favorite outdoor activity is paddle boarding at Lake Sag.